Would Truffles Require An Acquired Taste?

Like consuming escargots perhaps? Or feasting on generous helpings of caviar? Could it be said that an acquired taste for truffles is required? And like the French snails and frogs’ legs, and the Russian fish eggs, gourmet truffles lexington va trays may come at a price. But of course, this has never stopped discerning gourmands from visiting their favorite delicatessen stores before. If raw truffles cannot be sourced locally, it can come bottled as truffle oil, much like olive oil would.

You get two varieties of truffles at the end of the day. Black and white. They do both have their similarities. Truffles are essentially subterranean fungi that grow in the shade of oak trees. That being said; do they belong to the family of mushrooms? Around the world, there are no more than seven different species of truffles. The northernmost parts of Africa and the Middle East have its truffles.

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As with pretty much everything else these days, the Chinese have their truffles as well. Both the Italians and the French have their truffle plantations. Does the delicacy of the truffle go well with a decadent pasta sauce? Yes, just like mushrooms. Don’t forget to sprinkle a generous helping of Parmesan cheese, not forgetting the black pepper, as well as a generous dash of olive oil. Also, do make sure that the pasta, after being strained of its excess water is still piping hot.

So that by the time all the raw ingredients, just mentioned are thoroughly tossed with the warm pasta, you are in for one heck of a mouthwatering treat. Delicious. Authentic. And organic as well.

You need not travel far to source truffles, because closer to home, truffle growth can be found in the Pacific Northwest.